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We Offer an Extensive Range of Top Quality Produce

Ashbys offers every kind of meat, poultry and game as well as cooked meats and cheeses. Our selective procurement policy over the years has enabled us to build up great relationships with the country’s finest suppliers and this helps us offer the finest meat available.

Legs of Lamb

A Sample of our Range…


Legs or thighs, drumsticks, fillet, crowns/breasts, supreme 170g or 220g, diced breast, thigh or mixed, smoked chicken, winglets and liver.


Cannons, legs, loin/saddle, shoulder, best end/racks, diced leg, loin chop, chump chop, mid neck fillet, mince leg lamb, boneless chump, breast, pads and shanks.


Bresaola, chorizo, coppa, corned beef, crispy bacon, salami, garlic sausage, hickory smoked ham, Iberico ham, kassler, ox tongue, panchetta, parma ham whole joint, salt beef and Serrano ham.


Stag 12Kg, hen turkey, turkey butterfly, crown or thigh, diced breast, leg, thigh or mixed, turkey escalope and bones.


Baby back ribs, belly, Chinese spare rib, collar, diced leg, diced shoulder, escalope, legs, loin steaks, loins, mince, neck end, pork chops, pork striploin and tenderloin.


Applewood, Black Bomber Cheddar, Blacksticks Blue, Boursin, Caboc, Caerphilly, Camembert, Cashel Blue, Cornish Yarg, Cotswold, Danish Blue, Feta, Gorgonzola, Kern Cornish, Mont D`Or, Monteray Jack etc.


Fresh duck or Gressingham duck, magret or Gressingham magret, duck legs, duck fat tub, duck bones and duck liver.


Diced chuck steak, featherblade, fillet, forerib, fresh brisket, mince, ox tail, ribeye steaks, salt brisket, sirloin, steak & kidney mix, striploin, topside and rump steaks.


Bacon lardons, black pudding, bratwurst, chestnuts, chicken & ham pie, diced pancetta, frankfurters, free range eggs, gala pie, game pie, haggis, houmus, quail eggs, pates, scotch eggs and taramasalata.

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Not Just Meat – We Supply Cheeses Too!

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It’s not only about the produce…

We’re Friendly

Ashbys has been supplying London’s meat for over 70 years and, 3 generations later, is still run by the Ashbys! We were founded on the principle of providing high quality produce without compromising on service and are proud to still be operating with these guiding values today. We aim to go the extra mile for our customers. If you don’t believe us, give us a call!

We Deliver

Our fleet of refrigerated vans deliver from Monday to Friday throughout London, Kent, Surrey and Essex. Most deliveries are made before 11:00am, though we will try to accommodate all requirements.

We’re Ethical

Where possible, all Ashbys produce is sourced by RSPCA accredited farms. Free range and organic produce, as well as Kosher and Halal meat, is available on request.


We’re HACCP Compliant

We operate to a very high level of food safety standards and have a fully operational HACCP plan for all stages of our business, including fully HACCP-qualified staff.